Your company in good hands

Conducting a transaction with Avallon – means that you can be sure that you are putting your company in good hands.

Areas of cooperation with business owners

Succession issues

Family members do not always want or are able to take over the supervision and run the business of their parents or grandparents. Avallon makes sure that it passes into good hands, and retains its character and employees.

Redemption of a shareholder

Our company provides capital to buy out a partner who wants to sell their share of the business.

Sale of entire company or part of company

When, due to age or other reasons, owners choose to sell part or all of a business, Avallon can become a partner which will assist in the transaction while maintaining full confidentiality.

Financing growth

Due to the support of expansion (at home and abroad) we help companies not only with making their debut on new markets but also to become market leaders, e.g. by taking over or buying back and merging other companies.

Values of cooperation with Avallon

Data prepared during the redemption process is completely confidential.
Efficiency of the process
Redemption is as efficient as possible.
Development of the company
Thanks to the sale or purchase of shares, we have a positive impact on the development of the company.
Integrity and trust
We have recommendations from owners who have already carried out the buyout process with our participation.

A trusted partner in capital investments

In the last 25 years we have carried out more than 100 transactions and we know how important it is for business owners to ensure that their life’s work is in the hands of the right people.
The motivation to sell the business does vary, but often for the current owner the most important thing is a good financial offer and respect for the current vision of the company and its employees.

Meyra Group

MEDORT from a local company has become an important European player in the industry, realizing a foreign acquisition of competing companies. Avallon is a great partner for managers who have ambitions not only to participate in the acquisition of the company, but also to develop it.

Michał Perner Vice President

Velvet CARE

In one day, we agreed with the fund key terms of cooperation, which were later kept. Two months after the first meeting we completed a complicated buyout transaction from the American concern Kimberly-Clark.

Artur Pielak General Director

Marcin Grabowski Sales Director