AG Foods

Managerial buyout carried out by a manager who, after seven years of working for the fund, became a co-owner of the Company.

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Velká Bíteš, Republika Czeska

Chairman of the Board:

Orestes Żukowski

Income 2016:

931 mln CZK

Year of investment:


Investment exit:


Type of transaction:


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AG Foods is definitely a project of my life. If someone in the past said to me ‘you will become the owner of the company – I wouldn’t believe it’, and yet that’s what happened. I became the co-owner of AG Foods. Working with Avallon was 7 years of real hard work. But, as someone asks, it paid off! I was a manager, I am its co-owner

Orestes Żukowski Chairman of the Board

Added value of Avallon

Increasing the value and scale of the company’s operations

In 2009, AG Foods achieved results of CZK 514 million in revenue and over CZK 930 million in 2016

Increase of the market share and expansion of the assortment

Improved EBITDA profitability, which increased from CZK 46 million in 2009 to CZK 90 million in 2016

Acquisition of the Biogena – natural tea producer

The vertical concentration contributed to the achievement of pre-investment assumptions and improved the share of own products in the sales structure

Opening of a new office/new business centre

Opening new international markets – significant export growth


Contact regarding the company

Marcin Konarski