Mangata Holding

Creating the capital group became a common
aim for the company and the Fund.

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Foundry and production of industrial fittings



Chairman of the Board:

Leszek Jurasz

Income 2016:

568 mln PLN

Year of investment:


Investment exit:


Type of transaction:

IBO/MBO (stock exchange company)

Web adress:
I had been engaged in looking for a new owner. I came across Avallon. Soon it turned out there was chemistry between us and the talks with the representatives of the Fund inspired me to think in a new way about my future and the future of the company. The natural result was the idea of setting up a capital group. Avallon was to help us in it. They had enough expertise concerning company takeovers (acquisitions), had a number of portfolio companies, which then joined our group, and knew the market very well. I decided to invest in it and continue developing the company

Leszek Jurasz President of the Board

Avallon added value

Purchase of the majority package in Srubena Unia (2008),- company producing screws, nut bolts, rivets etc.

Zetkama’s aquisition of MCS (2009), company producing exhaust pipes

Aquisition of Armak in Sosnowiec (2011)

Setting up Zetkama R&D (2013)

Further aquisitions: Techmadex (2014), Masterform and Kuznia Polska (2015)

Horizontal and vertical consolidation/ looking for synergies to increase the value of the capital group

More activity in the market of mergers and acquisitions

Entry share price PLN 17
Exit share price PLN 117

Establishing a leader position on the local and CEE market

Export growth

EBITDA doubling

Development of export markets

Introducing rebranding and widening of product assortments

Implementing lean manufacturing

Intruducing management through scenario analysis

Optimalisation of storage spaces

Preparation of expantion project of productive capacity


Contact regarding the company

Tomasz Stamirowski

Managing Partner [email protected]