We are investing with managers and increasing the value of companies

We are particularly committed to projects where managers initiate cooperation, actively participate in the acquisition of assets, and are ready to commit their own resources.

From manager to owner (MBO)

Ownership changes are an opportunity for successful managers to become co-owners of a company, and to exert a real influence on the acquisition process itself as well as the company’s strategy. Of course, this is combined with the possibility of earning significant income in the event of an increase in the value of the acquired entity. We appreciate those who come to us with a good business idea and implement the projects on a partnership basis.

The company is looking for an investor to grow

Often good development plans prepared by managers require additional capital. You will have influence on the selection of an investor and a good plan – we will be happy to talk to you about this and show you what we can offer for your plan’s implementation.

Invest with us in a company in an industry that you know very well (MBI)

Are you a good manager? Would you like to become a co-owner of a company, but have found out that company is not for sale? Use your knowledge and invest with us in another company in the same sector that you know well.

An Experienced Expert

Do you have knowledge and experience that we can use in researching and working with other companies after acquisition? We are looking for experts to help us implement projects and develop our companies from the perspectives of advisors, board members and strategic boards. This is a good introduction to getting to know each other and for working together on joint projects.

Managers Club

Do you want to invest knowledge and resources in a long-term cooperation? Join our association of the best Polish managers who are interested in direct capital investment.

Values originating from cooperating with Avallon:

Knowledge about any planned transaction remains with us alone.
Rest assured that in the case of a transaction’s finalization we will conduct it together with you.
Engagement and profit
Engagement into transaction results in real profit.
Partnership and honesty
You acknowledge honest partners who have conducted dozens of effective capital transaction.
Real assistance in business development
After the transaction you may count on our help and business support.

We actively use our network

In our direct contact database we have over 5000 managers, with whom we maintain good relationships. Their experience and connections may be useful for our portfolio companies. We are able to reach branch experts, including those from abroad.

We are able to reach industry experts, including those from abroad, through cooperation with HR consulting companies and networks of experienced managers from Western Europe. We enjoy excellent relationships with mergers and acquisitions advisors in Eastern Europe too.

  • Mangata Holding

    During our cooperation with Avallon, I was sure that my Partners would not leave me even if the situation turned out to be more challenging.

    Leszek Jurasz

    Chairman of the Board
  • Good Food Products

    During these two years of cooperation with the fund, we have achieved more than anyone could have imagined.

    Robert Czajkowski

    Chairman of the Board
  • AG Foods

    The owner took a decision to sell the company to the Avallon fund because it guaranteed its development.

    Orestes Żukowski

    Chairman of the Board
  • MPS International

    I was president of a Swedish company. Now I am a president, but I have my own shares. Now that’s what I call achievement!

    Wanda Stypułkowska

  • Ceko

    Over the last 4 years we have spent over 20 mln PLN, half of which has been invested in increasing production capacity.

    Dariusz Zieliński

  • Velvet CARE

    Such processes last a minimum of six months. For us, the time we had was a mere three months.

    Artur Pielak

    President and CEO