Let’s make a transaction together

Take advantage of your business relations and network of contacts, becoming the initiator of the ownership change process. The first step to the fund’s transaction is to identify the object of the investment.

The first step in a transaction

Conducting a capital transaction means reconciling the needs and interests of both parties – the seller and the buyer. In order to enable a positive finalization of the transaction process, mutual trust and a sense of security of the process participants is essential.
In each of these perspectives, there is room where the adviser can add value to the ownership change process. If you want to actively initiate the capital transaction process please contact us and you will gain a trusted partner who guarantees efficiency and full professionalism, supported by 25 years’ experience in the investment area and a participant in over 100 transactions.
Dependent upon the situation, the role of the advisor may be to represent the interests of the owner who wants to sell part or all of the shares in the capital of the company ,or the buyer – in this case the fund that is interested in acquiring a company if it meets certain requirements of the fund’s investment policy.

The role of an advisor in the transaction process

Representation of the seller

Looking for an entrepreneur who wants to sell a business or is looking for an investor? Contact us, let’s consider a range of scenarios together and plan the course of the transaction.

Avallon representation

Do you know a specific industry or market segment? Use your experience and knowledge to help you identify the fund’s investment target and close the transaction effectively.

Advisor for the fund’s portfolio companies

We are looking for experts in their respective fields – let’s talk about possible areas of cooperation in portfolio companies.

Advisor or co-investor in investments with the fund

Are you an investment specialist? Get in touch with us and take advantage of the opportunity to cooperate in projects or take advantage of the opportunity to invest together with the fund.

Cooperation with Avallon maximizes the chance for the quick and efficient execution of a transaction, while maintaining full confidentiality of the process.
We guarantee respect for the interests of all parties in the transaction and the highest professional standards, and we provide competent support for discussions with the seller.
Monetize your knowledge through active participation in an investment.