Tomasz Stamirowski becomes a partner of the Virtual Academy of Entrepreneurship at the University of Lodz

Entrepreneurship can be learned, regardless of the field of your studies - argue the founders of the Virtual Academy of Entrepreneurship at the University of Lodz. It is a great initiative whose aim is to promote productive, ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship. It is a unique project in many respects, the one which has been created by lecturers, experienced business practitioners and local entrepreneurs - mostly graduates of the University of Lodz. Among them is Tomasz Stamirowski, managing partner at #Avallon MBO, also a graduate of Lodz University.

The Academy provides basic knowledge on how to implement ideas in life and your own business, but most of all it is supposed to inspire entrepreneurial thinking and activities. On completing the course, the participant will have learnt what entrepreneurship is and how it can be useful not only for business practitioners. Finally, each participant will receive an official confirmation of completing the course.

“Teaching entrepreneurship should be included in the curriculum of every university, be it a regular university, technical university or art academy. Knowledge of entrepreneurship offers a universal set of competences that can be useful in life of all people no matter if intending to be entrepreneurs in the future or not. It seems to me that the Virtual Academy of Entrepreneurship complements the offer of the University of Lodz, because up until now very little has been covered on the subject at the academic courses. Yet, we are living in the world of ‘start-ups’. This initiative is our response to the situation on the labour market” - explains professor Agnieszka Kurczewska, Vice-Rector of the University of Lodz; Head of External Cooperation, and originator and coordinator of the Academy of Entrepreneurship.

We strongly recommend the Academy of Entrepreneurship!


Registration is available at the link below: