Tomasz Stamirowski as a panellist at the Forum of the Food and Trade Market 2022

From the very beginning of Avallon MBO's activity, the food sector has always been a strategically important area for us. In 2022, there were six transactions in the food industry in Poland with the participation of private equity funds. We, as the Avallon fund, participated in two of them - we sold the Ceko company and purchased the Hortimex company. Tomasz Stamirowski, the managing partner at Avallon MBO, spoke about it (among other subjects) during an interesting discussion panel at the Forum of the Food and Trade Market 2022.

The panel was also attended by: Rafał Brzoska, Michał Czerwiński, Piotr Grauer, Sylwester Strużyna, and Łukasz Targoszyński. The panellists  talked about the surge of consolidation appearing on the food market which has been caused by the pandemic, about generational changes in family businesses and ‘the appetite’ of private equity funds  to invest in the Polish food and retail sector.

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