"Postpandemic Profit and Loss Balance" - Tomasz Stamirowski as one of the panelists of the event

This year's Food Market and Trade Forum, an event organized annually by Portal Spożywczy, is currently underway. Today’s debate was entitled "Post-pandemic Profit and Loss Balance" and Tomasz Stamirowski, managing partner at Avallon MBO, took part in it as was one of the invited panelists.

The participants discussed, among other things, how the mergers and acquisitions market might develop in 2022, or how the Polish food market is viewed by players from outside the European Union. They also conferred about the possible directions of foreign expansion of Polish enterprises. One of the discussion subjects was also the situation of Polish family businesses and the possibility of consolidation of this market.

To conclude the first day of the Forum, a gala was held, during which Food & Retail Awards and Good Product Certificates were handed out to the winners.

Congratulations to them!