MBO FUND II Acquires 100% of Shares of WOSANA Ltd -producer of mineral and spring water, juices and beverages


This is the eighth investment of Avallon MBO FUND II. The private equity fund from Lodz takes over 100% shares of WOSANA Ltd – a producer of juices, beverages, spring and mineral water. Avallon signed a buyout agreement with its existing owner who has shares in three manufacturing plants: Andrychow, Turow and Damnica (respectively: Malopolska, Lodz, and Pomorze Voivodships). Avallon will be responsible for the development of such brands as “Mom and Me” (“Mama i ja”), “Slavic” (“Slowianka”) and “Cristal” (water); “Wosana Aseptik” (juices with no preservatives); Wosana NFC (Not From Concentrate) Juices; “Very Aloe Wosana” (Aloe Vera drink with no preservatives); “Kicker” (energy drinks); and other private labels drinks.

After the acquisition, the company plans to further develop its flagship brand – “Mama i ja” and strengthen its position on the Polish market of mineral water and soft drinks. The new strategy mainly involves further investment in the development of aseptic products and acquisition activities to expand the product range, in particular of highly mineralized waters.

When the acquisition takes place, the company will be supported by Andrzej Odzioba – a new President of the Management Board who has 24 years of experience in working for large FMCG corporations (e.g. McCornik Polska, Zywiec Ltd) and by Marcin Jurczyk – a manager with 16 years of international professional experience who will be responsible for production at the three locations. Over the last few years he has performed the roles of  Director of the Zywiec Zdroj Manufactures and Director of the Plant at DBW Polska.

Legally, in the process of transaction, the Fund was represented by Schoenherr Stangl Lutz and the team of CSWP advisors.

Andrzej Odzioba, President of the Management Board WOSANA Ltd:

“The acquisition of Wosana Ltd by the Avallon Fund is a great opportunity for our further development. Our challenge will be to implement a strategy based on the development of existing cooperation with our key customers in the area of private labels, management of portfolio and strengthening the market position of the  key labels of Wosana S.A.and to provide our clients and customers  with a highly anticipated product innovation in this category. A highly competent team and improved production facilities will surely help us to achieve these goals”.

Marcin Jurczyk – Vice President of the Management Board of WOSANA Ltd:

“Wosana Ltd is a company well prepared for further development. It has a rich technical background
and an experienced crew. With a well-defined strategy, efficient operational management and policy of continuous adaptation to the changing environment, the company will certainly become successful. Its success will concern two main pillars – our clients and our employees. Additionally, our harmoniously cooperating, motivated and competent team will make use of modern tools and the newest management methods to efficiently and responsibly respond to the changing need of our customers”.

Marcin Konarski, Investment Director of Avallon:

“Avallon has long been observing the companies producing no-preservative beverages and the producers of mineral water. Market analyses show that these are growing markets, with good prospects for the future. The decision to acquire Wosana was supported by the opportunities it was offering thanks to the recently completed large investment program in the modern aseptic line and the increase in water production capacity. The company is characterized by a diversified product portfolio (water, juices, and beverages). We believe that the recognizable brand “Mom and Me” (Mama i ja) is a good base for further expansion in the category of drinking water for children “.

WOSANA Ltd – the company was founded in 1991 in Andrychow. Since then, juices, beverages, spring water and mineral water have been produced in its three production plants. Among the most recognizable products of the company we should primarily distinguish such spring waters as: “Mum and Me”, “Slavic”, “Wosana” juices and “Aloe Vera” drinks. Wosana is one of the most prominent brands of private labels cooperating with the majority of retail chains on the Polish market. In 2017, the company completed its investment in the aseptic line in Andrychow.

Aseptic filling line for plastic bottles – is a type of technology that enables production of juices and beverages without preservatives or colouring. The unique manufacturing process and sterility control is guaranteed at every stage of production. It gives producers the opportunity to manufacture the highest quality, fully natural fruit juice drinks with no preservatives, which is the best response to the needs and expectations of today’s market.

Avallon MBO FUND II –  WOSANA Ltd is the eighth investment of the Fund set up in  December 2012, which specialises in transactions performed jointly with managers. The previous investments were with: PLASMA System – company that uses technology to extend the life of machinery parts; Novo Tech Ltd – producer of polymer-based products; EMERSON DC – leader of promotional and transactional mailing; ZABERD Ltd – Polish market leader in road maintenance; MPS International Ltd – manufacturer of cosmetics, packaging and cleaning agents; ORE Ltd – market leader in corporate shopping, and Velvet CARE Ltd- manufacturer of daily hygiene articles.

Avallon is a pioneer in the management buyout market in Poland and has been active in this field since 2001. The Fund’s investors are international financial institutions, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the funds managed by the Swiss company – Akina Partners. The Fund invests in various industries, mainly in companies with the turnover of PLN 50 to 250 million.


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