EDC Expert Direct Communication - the portfolio company Avallon MBO FUND II takes over Filmpoint, a leading player in the video marketing market

The acquisition of Filmpoint was initiated by the managers of the EDC company and implemented with the support of Avallon MBO FUND, which was an example of the fund’s approach in supporting strategic initiatives of portfolio company managers.

Filmpoint is a creative agency specialising in production of video content in many forms, like film production, animation, live broadcasting, implementation of activities connected with social video and running a YouTube campaigns. Filmpoint’s professional film  studio produces promotional, recruitment, corporate, training, instructional and image films and videos.

Krzysztof Kuźbik – Avallon MBO Fund’s Partner:

The investment of Avallon MBO FUND II in EDC resulted from the growing perspective of the personalised direct marketing market. The acquisition of Filmpoint is an example of a consistently implemented strategy of building the value of our portfolio company in developing areas of digital communication. The video content market is one of the fastest growing segments, especially in the area of social media, where EDC wants to be actively present.

Bartosz Brzozowski  EDC Management Board Member, Director of Sales and Development of EDC Expert Direct Communication

The purchase of Filmpoint means not only adding another, very important element in the offer of personalised video-based communication, but, to a large extent, providing the EDC clients with a comprehensive channel for the medium of the film: from the production of advertising films and animations, through video-streaming, to creating and managing video campaigns on social media.

Information about Filmpoint:

Filmpoint is a creative agency specialising in video production. Acting on the market since 2009, it has already completed over 2,000 implementations in the categories of BTL, ATL and digital. The three main areas in which Filmpoint operates are: video production (film and animation), education (webinars, online training, e-learning) and livestreaming (BTL, webinars, Facebook Live, YouTube Live). The campaigns and projects implemented by Filmpoint are based on concepts of their own creation department, which is strongly embedded in innovative technologies and the startup industry. Still, Filmpoint can pride itself on its  cooperation with such global brands as Google, Microsoft and Oriflame.

Information on EDC (www.edcexpert.pl) 

EDC / Expert Direct Communication specialises in creating and servicing transactional and promotional mailings.

In addition to standard mailing products, it offers a number of pioneering, innovative solutions, such as a virtual printer – elisty.pl, or multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns PINPOINT. As one of only a few companies, it offers its clients full service ranging from creating a marketing concept, through copyrighting, graphic and technical development of communication tools, database processing, programming, production, to distribution and reporting. Currently, it is the largest lettershop in Poland and one of the leading players in the region. The company’s registered office is in Piotrkow Trybunalski. It employs about 200 people.                                                                                                                                 

Information on Avallon MBO FUND II (www.Avallon.pl)

Avallon is an independent Polish company managing private equity funds.

He has many years of experience in managing transactions in cooperation with MBO managers. Since 2001, Avallon has participated in about a hundred MBO transactions and is considered a pioneer in this field in Poland. The company’s partners have been operating in the capital investment market since 1993. Avallon MBO FUND II is the second Avallon fund worth 109 million euros. The investors of Avallon MBO FUND II are international institutions.

Currently, Avallon owns shares in the following companies: Stangl Technik Group, Wosana, EBS, Marketplanet, MPS International, EDC Experts Direct Communication, Zaberd, Novo Tech, Plasma System, Medort, Fiten and Ceko.

Additional information:

Krzysztof Kuzbik                                                             
Avallon MBO FUND
Al. Kościuszki 17
90-418 Lodz
e-mail: [email protected]
Bartosz Brzozowski:
Director of Sales and Development
Member of the Management Board
EDC Expert Direct Communication
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97-300 Piotrkow Trybunalski
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