Ceremonial Opening of Salmon Factory Limito – the portfolio company of Avallon MBO FUND


The ceremonial opening of the salmon factory Limito- the portfolio company of Avallon MBO FUND takes place in Grudziądz.

The ceremony to celebrate  the opening of the factory and at the same time  over a six-month long operation of the plant of the portfolio company Avallon MBO FUND- Limito in Grudziadz, was an opportunity for an international group of guests to meet. The opening of the factory among others  hosted the following guests: the honorary guest -Lech Wałęsa – President of Poland, Robert Malinowski – President of Grudziadz, Michal Wojtczak – Senator and Tomasz Szymanski – Member of Parliament. Among the invited there was Kristin Pettersen, Director of the Poland – Germany Market at the Norwegian Board of Fish and Seafood Export.

LIMITO was founded in 2004  as a small private company run by  two partners. In just a few years it gained a reputation of a leading supplier of  Norwegian salmon and other top quality types of fish and seafood for the catering industry. In 2008 it started successfully to export its products to the countries of CEE, and to conquer the retail market. Currently Limito is the most respected gastronomy adviser for the foodservice sector in the subject of fish and seafood, and it has strengthened its position in the retail market of fish and seafood in the Premium segment. The key to the success is the company’s consistent high quality of their offer, prepared as a result of  extensive expertise and  experience in  the product development and in conducting business. Limito brand is synonymous with uniqueness, quality and health. Avallon MBO FUND invested in the company in 2011.