CEO of Zaberd Ltd among the winners of Business Icons



On September 12th in Wroclaw Conference Centre there was a gala of Wrocław Business Icons Contest.


Among the winners was CEO of Zaberd Ltd – Mr Paul Zawadzki.

Business Icons is a social program run by the Wroclaw Chamber of Commerce. Its goal was to honor entrepreneurs who had their first steps in business during the times of transitions in economies, and  whose activities up till today have been loyal to this  area of life. The winners were those business people who developed their businesses,  surviving the collision with the European  open, free market,  and with  the capital of Western corporations. Thanks to their work ,  the companies  that lead, have become widely known and appreciated.

The contest attracted 246 entries, and a few dozens of which were shortlisted. The criteria for selection of nominees for the title were:

  • Minimum 20-year of documented economic activity in the private sector.
  • Relatively high revenues over the entire period of activity.
  • Position of a leader in its sector in the local market.
  • No criminal record for intentional crime.
  • Relatively high employment.
  • Regulated legal and net worth situation of the company.
  • No outstanding public debts.
  • Social activity.

The Council of the plebiscite was composed of:

Rafał Dutkiewicz – President of Wroclaw,
Bogdan Zdrojewski – MEP, former president of Wroclaw,
Professor Boguslaw Fiedor
Ewa Wolniewicz – editor-in-chief of TVP Wroclaw,
Tomasz Duda – Editor-in-Chief of Radio Wrocław,
Arkadiusz Franas – editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Wrocławska”
Waldemar Siemiński – President of the Wrocław Chamber of Commerce.

Dozens of entrepreneurs who have created brands, now with at least 20 years’ tradition, were also selected – those are the honorary representatives  of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia.
The exclusive book,  which was issued for this occasion,  contains a collection of interviews with successful businesspeople, who contributed  to the city growth. They discuss and describe their path to success. This is a fascinating read not only for historians or business executives.
‘’The Book of Icons of Wrocław’’ (texts and editorial – Marcin Torz, photos and design – Maciej Dudzik) is the one and only. Published in a limited edition of 100 pieces.
During the Saturday’s Gala it was presented to the entrepreneurs – laureates of the plebiscite, the main characters of this publication.