Avallon starts its collaboration with the University of Lodz


Since the beginning of the academic year of 2016/2017, Avallon has been a mentor partner of International Finances Department and Research Centre of Capital Investments at the University of Lodz, Faculty of Economics and Sociology.


The students of the International Finances Department have the opportunity to study now with the substantive support of Avallon – a company located in Lodz which manages private equity funds. During the inauguration of the new academic year, the Avallon’s Investment Director, Mirosław Janicki, presented the idea of cooperation between the university and business representatives.

The offered cooperation is divided into three areas: scientific, educational and organisational. The first one relates to scientific research following the framework established for this purpose by the Centre for Research of Capital Investments at the University of Lodz and implementation of research projects related to capital investments. The second area is proposed to share practical knowledge with the entrants of business and illustrated by the examples of investments performed by the Avallon professionals. It includes presentations and lectures at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, International Finances Dept. and substantive support for the students in the Academic Science Club. Avallon will also launch a training programme, during which students will be able to test in practice the knowledge acquired in class . The third one concerns the co-organisation of the scientific and business environment within the capital investment area and covers participation in debates, meetings and conferences.

Since the academic year of 2012/2013, Avallon has also been a partner of the Business Analytics Department at the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz. As pointed out by the Department Manager and university lecturer, PhD. Grzegorz Urbanek , this cooperation resulted in opening new opportunities for the students. – “Business Analytics was the first department in Poland which combined the knowledge of business management with the skills of conducting business oriented analysis. Avallon’s participation in the department’s Programme Committee and its share in the preparation of the syllabus means offering our students a comprehensive theoretical and practical course, as well as practice and participation in projects implemented in the company. As a result the students are better prepared professionally and acquire the skills that help them meet the factual needs of entrepreneurs. Such initiatives of cooperation between universities and businesses represent a real value which is beneficial for both sides and should be introduced more widely at our universities”.


Associate professor Malgorzata Janicka:

The idea to create the International Finances Department is a consequence of our observations and analysis of the interviews with students and potential employers about their expectations related to the adequate preparation for work on the international financial market. On the Polish educational market there was no such offer – Lodz is the first university in Poland to open such a department. We drew our ideas from the world leaders. The support and practical advice that we received from Avallon was invaluable and helped us to adjust the programme of studies so that it satisfies the requirements of the modern labour market.

We have just started, but we are positively surprised by the great interest of the candidates. We are planning many exciting projects for our students, such as professional practice for the best students, meeting with business representatives as part of the activities initiated by the Science Club and the Centre for Research of Capital Investment in Lodz.

Our partner, with whom we have a formal cooperation, is the Avallon Fund. We appreciate this cooperation a lot and plan to continuously expand our contacts with the business world in order to actively capture new trends and demands. There are many ideas in stock so our students will certainly not be bored!