Avallon MBO FUND II together with a company president purchase MPS – one of the leader in contract manufacturing of cosmetics, packaging and detergents

from left: Agnieszka Pakulska – Investment Director, Wanda Stypułkowska – Chairman Of The Board MPS International Ltd. Sp.z o.o., Robert Więcławski – Partner Avallon




Avallon MBO FUND II together with a company president purchase MPS – one of the leader in contract manufacturing of cosmetics, packaging and detergents


The Łódź-based private equity fund Avallon MBO FUND, which on the Polish market specialises in management buyouts, is closing its third investment. After the acquisition of Velvet from US conglomerate Kimberly Clark and French ORE from Telekomunikacja Polska, it is now purchasing MPS International from Swedish company MPS Holding AB and, together with the managers, is taking over 100% of the Company shares.Under the MBO (Management Buyout) transaction, Avallon together with Ms Wanda Stypułkowska (President of the Board) have signed an agreement on the purchase of shares from the Swedish company. The managerial team has recently been joined by Mr Tomasz Tołwiński (a manager with a strong background in the financial sector) who shall support MPS in the areas of trade and finance.

MPS International Ltd will continue to focus on manufacturing cosmetics and household cleaning products under private labels and on the production of packaging. The Company’s strategy assumes further ambitious growth in Poland and on Western and Eastern European markets while maintaining the current service and product offer as well as the highest standards for the current and future customers.


The transaction for the Fund was advised by Gessel, Koziorowski Sp.k. The managers were supported by a team of M&A advisors from Arlig Capital.

The value of the transaction has not been disclosed to the public.

Wanda Stypułkowska, President of the Board MPS International Ltd. Sp. z o.o.
MPS has cooperated with the biggest Polish companies and with global players in the sector. We are a team of competent and involved people, which has strengthened my belief that I can launch another phase of the Company development based on its potential and exploit market opportunities available to global contractual cosmetics manufacturing. Our pursuit has led us to cooperation with Avallon MBO FUND II. The entire process of management buyout, starting from the analysis of the business in all areas of its activities, through the verification of the business model to the transaction itself, have been a milestone for me and a confirmation that I have chosen the right direction for strengthening MPS’s position on the domestic and international markets. I am especially proud of the fact that while implementing the change process we will develop our cooperation with to-date owner, who has become our sole agent on the Nordic markets. My goal was to effectively combine tradition and stability with modern ideas and fields of operation, which are MPS’s advantages, while observing the values that are important to our customers.

Agnieszka Pakulska, Investment Manager, Avallon

MPS International Ltd. is our first but certainly not last investment in the cosmetics sector, which we have been interested in for a considerable time. We continue to pursue our strategy by investing with managers who take an active approach to ownership changes. The decision to purchase MPS was mainly influenced by the motivated Manager – Ms Wanda Stypułkowska, an interesting business model and long experience in servicing big players who operate in Poland and on international markets. As a new investor, we shall actively support further development of MPS based on organic investments or further acquisitions.


MPS International Ltd. Sp. z o.o.– a Company established in the early 1970s in Sweden which initially specialised in processing plastics. In the mid-1980s, the Company was acquired by a Swedish cosmetics corporation, which boosted its development and increased its market recognition. In the 1990s, the whole Company was transferred to Poland with its seat in Koszalin. Today, the Company offers comprehensive development of a finished product – starting from the conceptual phase with necessary design support, through technical analysis and professional consultancy, up to the finished product. By implementing its strategy in Poland, the Company started to cooperate with international cosmetics corporations and retail networks.


Avallon MBO FUND II – MPS International Ltd Sp. z o.o. is the third investment by another Avallon fund, established in December 2012 and specialising in transactions carried out together with managers. The previous two investments included: ORE – a leader in corporate purchases and Velvet – a manufacturer of daily hygienic products. Avallon is a pioneer on the management buyout market in Poland and has been operating in this field since 2001. The fund’s investors include international financial institutions, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and funds managed by Swiss company Akina Partners.

The fund invests in various sectors, mainly in companies with turnovers in a range of PLN 50 million to PLN 250 million.