Avallon MBO FUND II acquires EMERSON Direct Communication - the leader of the promotional and transactional mailing in Central and Eastern Europe


Avallon MBO FUND II finalises another investment acquiring a majority stake in EMERSON Direct Communication in Piotrkow Trybunalski. The services provided by the company include promotional and transactional mailing, offset and digital printing, enveloping, digital archiving and mailing distribution.

Since 2014, EMERSON Direct Communication has been implementing innovative services in response to the current market trends in the area of direct marketing. The examples of such services may be PinPoint and Elisty.pl. PinPoint is the first integrated cross media solution in Poland which, thanks to the integration of five marketing channels (text, e-mail, direct mail, PURL, personalised video), allows you to create an effective promotional campaign along with the ability to trace the effectiveness of such a campaign. Elisty.pl (virtual printer) is an application which enables convenient preparation and sending of letters, significantly saving time and costs. The company also offers a wide range of innovative solutions for the creation of comprehensive marketing campaigns and their effective management.

Avallon MBO FUND II investment, in which the company’s managers (including its former owner Mr Adam Banaszczyk) will participate, assumes the use of the current and expected industry trends through the company’s expertise and operational efficiency. The fund will also support the ideas of consolidation in the area of direct marketing.

Adam Banaszczyk:
The decision to cooperate with Avallon MBO FUND II was a chance for further development of EMERSON Direct Communication. Since 1992, when I founded Emerson Poland, the scope of the group’s activities have expanded significantly. To the production part and offset printing, we have added new services. In Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, direct mailing area still remains an insatiable and relatively new channel of promotion in which I see great opportunities for development.

Krzysztof Kuźbik, Avallon MBO FUND:
Comparing the annual number of personalised mailings sent on the Polish market (5) with the Western markets (60-75), there is significant potential for further growth in this area in Poland. Bearing in mind the progressive digitisation, we would also like to focus on the development of new services. One of the ideas we plan to introduce is a change of the company’s name so that it can better express the innovative nature of its activities.

EMERSON customers are mainly financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications, multimedia platforms and retail chains. The transaction value has not been made public.


EMERSON Direct Communication Ltd (www.emerson-dc.pl) – is a company specialising in the production and servicing of transactional and promotional mailings. Apart from standard, mail-related products, it offers a wide range of pioneering and innovative solutions, such as virtual printer – elisty.pl or integrated, multi-channell marketing campaigns (PINPOINT). As one of the few it offers its customers a full service, starting with creating of a marketing concept, through copyrighting, graphic and technical design of tools used for communication, processing database, programming, production, distribution to the final reporting. Having been separated from Emerson Poland, today it is the largest lettershop in Poland and one the leading players in the region. The company headquarters is located in Piotrkow Trybunalski. It employs about 200 people.


Avallon MBO FUND II (www.Avallon.pl) – MERSON DC is the fifth investment of the fund, established in December 2012 and specialising in transactions carried out jointly with managers. Previous investments include Zaberd SA – Polish market leader in road maintenance, MPS International Ltd – producer of cosmetics, packaging and cleaning products, ORE SA – leader in the field of corporate purchases, and Velvet CARE Ltd – manufacturer of hygiene products for everyday use. Avallon is a pioneer in management buyouts in Poland, operating in this area since 2001.
The Fund’s investors are international financial institutions, such as: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the funds managed by the Swiss company Akina Partners. The Fund invests in various industries, mainly in companies with a turnover between 50 and 250 million zlotys.