Avallon invests in IT

From the left: Marcin Konarski (Partner at Avallon), Marek Maniecki (Partner - selling Globema), Marek Gondzio and Maria Gondzio (Founders - selling Globema), Radosław Borecki (Director of the network asset management division at Globema), Bartosz Lech (Director of the Localization Services Division at Globema), Piotr Paśnicki (Investment Director at Avallon)


Avallon-  the  private equity fund from Łódź has acquired a majority stake in Globema. The fund  has carried out the transaction together with the company's managers. The founder of Globema will hand over the management to the current managers who, as part of the transaction, will automatically become shareholders. Globema Ltd. is a leading company in the highly prospective industry of geospatial solutions on the GIS (Geographic Information System) and LBS (Location-Based Services) market. In 2021, the company's sales amounted to approximately  PLN 62 million, and its EBITDA reached approximately PLN 10 million. Globema is now employing over 170 employees in total in Poland and in four foreign subsidiaries. The company's main clients include global corporations such as Bolt, Vodafone or General Electric.

Established in 1997 by Marek and Maria Gondzio, the company is a provider of specialized geospatial solutions as well as IT products and services for enterprises using network infrastructure - mainly in the telecommunications, energy or heating industries, as well as many others in which the management of geolocation data plays an important role ( such as: e-commerce, transport and logistics or retail). Globema provides IT solutions (including proprietary products) supporting the management of its dispersed infrastructure and field employees. Additionally, Globema's offer enables professional use of map services on the client's side, integration of geospatial data, conducting analyses with AI / ML methods and broadly understood data digitization. On top of that, the company's portfolio includes tools for intelligent power grids (Smart Grid) as well as support in precise forecasting of the level of energy production obtained from RES.

- We invest in an interesting, specialized and very well-prospering company with an established position on the Polish market, with huge development potential on foreign markets. Globema, being an IT company, specializes in a niche, but highly perspective area of geospatial solutions. It is estimated that approximately 80% of all user data collected today contains this type of data and is a key component in the majority of technological services. The leading position of the company in Poland and the high share of exports in the revenue structure constitute a great basis for further dynamic expansion. Globema has a qualified team of employees who develop new tools to complement the product offer. Own products are an important pillar on the company's growth scale, says MarcinKonarski,  Avallon's Partner responsible for the transaction.

- After the transaction, we intend to continue the current business path, focusing on a well-thought-out evolution, including steadily extending the offer of our services based on Google ODRD (On-Demand Rides and Delivery),  mapping tools and the development of network assets management tools using the tools available on the GE Smallworld platform on foreign markets – especially in the United States and Canada. We also plan to commercialize our own products, that we have been developing over the recent years as part of our own R&D Centre, based on multi-million research projects. It will be a significant element of the company's value increase in the next few years - says Ryszard Rybus, CEO of Globema.

Avallon's legal advisor for the transaction was the WKB Law Firm. Bastion Group was the financial advisor for Globema and the sellers, and the legal advisor was Kancelaria Kondracki Celej.

After  purchasing  Globema, the Avallon fund's portfolios will include 8 other companies: Wosana – a producer of juices and beverages, Stangl Technik – a provider of installation services, EDC Expert – a marketing company, Marketplanet - a purchasing platform, Novo Tech – a firm dealing in polymer processing, Clovin - a company dealing in production of cleaning products, Norlys - a manufacturer of premium class lamps and outdoor lighting, and Hortimex - representing the specialist raw materials industry. The last three of the companies have been purchased as the Avallon MBO Fund III. At the same time, Avallon is actively looking for further investments, for which its third fund (Avallon MBO Fund III) has so far accumulated EUR 137 million.