Avallon in Puls Biznesu - an interview with Tomasz Stamirowski


Earlier this year, we have announced the closure of Avallon MBO Fund III with an amount of EUR 80.6 million. We are not stopping though...

"We want to raise another EUR 50 million. (...) In our talks we are helped by the fact that soon  managers and owners of new companies will be more ready than before to make strategic decisions concerning the future of their companies."

Tomasz Stamirowski talks about our investment plans in an interview for Puls Biznesu:

"The transactions we are currently working on are, on the one hand, investments in two companies that have take-over plans  in Western Europe and need financing, and, on the other hand, two succession cases, where the owners prefer the fund to take care of their companies rather than to hand them over to their children while in such a difficult environment".