Avallon gains new partners – two investment directors get promoted to the Fund’s partners

Agnieszka Pakulska and Marcin Konarski, the current Avallon Investment Directors, have been promoted to the position of Fund Partners. The promotion of Agnieszka and Marcin is the result of their on-going contribution to the development of Avallon. 

The scope of responsibilities resulting from being an investment director, i.e. arranging and structuring transactions and supervising companies during an investment process, will now expand. They will both be members of the Investment Committee with voting rights. In addition, Agnieszka will support and aid the Managing Partner - Tomasz Stamirowski in marketing and projects acquisition, while Marcin will support the growth of value of portfolio companies.

Agnieszka Pakulska joined the Avallon team in 2006. She has been responsible, among others, for the investments in Velvet Care and Good Food, in which a very dynamic growth was achieved. Her previous projects oscillated around the B2C segment and the FMCG industry. At the beginning of this year, she made the first investment - Clovin S.A.- from the capital of a newly created Avallon MBO Fund III. 

She is a graduate of the University of Lodz, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, and of  a few post-graduate studies in Finances, Accounting and Capital Investments.

Marcin Konarski has been with the Avallon team since 2010. He particularly specializes in companies which represent the food industry. With great success, for example, he was managing AG Foods portfolio company, which during the six years of the Fund's investment significantly increased the value and scale of its operations. Marcin had gained professional experience working as a Financial Director in a manufacturing company. 

He is a Doctor of Economics at the University of Lodz, Master of Economics and International Economic Relations at the University of Lodz, Master of Economics in Computer Science and Econometrics at the University of Lodz.

Tomasz Stamirowski, managing Director of Avallon:  

Observing Agnieszka’s and Marcin's contribution to the development of Avallon over the years, myself and other Partners decided to include them in the group of Fund's shareholders while launching Avallon MBO Fund III. Both of them understand very well the character of our fund and fit in perfectly with the Avallon DNA, which is professionalism, commitment, entrepreneurship and ethics. I am glad that together we will continue building the future of Avallon.