Another Exit of Avallon. Novo Tech gets sold to an Austrian tycoon of the Plastics Market

After seven years following the purchase of its shares in Novo Tech, Avallon MBO has sold its entire stake, which is taken over by an industry investor – Isosport Verbundbauteile GmbH, operating within the Constantia Industries AG Capital Group. The Constantia Group is a family-owned industrial holding company based in Austria. It operates on global markets through three subsidiaries: Fundermax, Isovolta and Isosport. This one is the first investment of the Austrian company in our country. Novo Tech is a European player with decades of history behind it, offering high-quality polyethylene products for the automotive, industrial, agricultural and household sectors. Its sales are diversified and generated in over 50 countries on all the world’s continents. Exports account for as much as 95 percent. entire production of Novo Tech.

Our goal was to support the company in its further international expansion. Thanks to the stable financing, the company has been also able to do research and development work, introduce new products to its portfolio and successfully deliver them to global markets, at the same time being a regular contractor of the largest global brands. This has translated into the company's results – for example, last year was the best one in its history so far. Sales in 2021 amounted to PLN 83.35 million, and EBITDA reached PLN 21.2 million - says Mirosław Janicki, Avallon investment director responsible for the transaction. – We have recently announced our exit from Stangl, and Novo Tech is another successful exit of Avallon in a very short time.

For years, Novo Tech has been developing its flagship solutions - it is one of the few Polish companies using the technology of continuous injection molding (CIM) in the production of polyethylene. The company maintains the leading position in the growing European market for the production of anti-spray mats manufactured for trucks and lorries under the Clear Pass brand. Among its regular contractors, among others, are Daimler, Scania, Paccar, Schmitz, Cargobull or Krone. The Polish company is also perceived as one of the leading manufacturers of household entrance mats and other related household goods, sold on global markets under the AstroTurf brand. The AstroTurf range also includes such demanding products as mats for artificial ski slopes or the sides of Formula One tracks. 1.

Our strategy of growth focuses on diversifying our business and finding niche markets and then successfully filling them in with our products.. We adapt our innovative solutions to the individual needs of our clients. With the acquisition of Novo Tech, we can further expand our portfolio and enter new markets - explains Karl Mad, Managing Director of Isosport. - These aspects, combined with many successful experiences in M&A transactions, surely make Isosport a good partner for Novo Tech. The focus on these strategic business areas also corresponds to the strategic vision presented by Constantia Industries AG.

After leaving Novo Tech, Avallon's portfolio includes six companies, including Globema - a provider of geospatial software, Norlys - a manufacturer of lighting equipment, Clovin - a cleaning company, Wosana- a producer of juices and drinks, the EDC Expert marketing company and the Marketplanet purchasing platform.