2017 New Year's Managers Meeting

On January 12, 2017 there was held another New Year’s Meeting for the Managers of Avallon Team and their Special Guests.

This year the meeting consisted of four thematic panels. The first one was devoted to updating the information concerning the people managing all the portfolio companies and those managing the Avallon team. The second panel was chaired by Zbigniew Płaza - the Managing Partner of Boyden - and addressed the topic of "Other - than - Salary Forms of Motivating Employees". The following guests participated in the discussion of this panel:

  • Rafał Curyło - Member of the Velvet Care Board;
  • Piotr Matysik - President of the Open Electronics Market;
  • Tomasz Tołwiński - Vice President of MPS International;
  • Orestes Żukowski - CEO of AG Foods.

In the third part of the meeting, the managers and the other guests had the opportunity to explore their own Insights personality profiles, which, upon completing of the survey, they had received from the host of this part of the panel - Mr. Peter Zglinicki. The panel entitled "How to Talk to be Heard - Communication between Managers and Supervisory Board", presented the practical application of the Insights methodology. The fourth part was presented by Izabela Chamiec – Avallon’s Senior Investment Analyst who prepared presentation on the survey results from the previous year on the economic forecast for 2016. The official meeting was rounded off with dinner at the Andels Hotel and an evening cocktail party in the Andels’ Sky Lounge.