Meyra Group

Fund as a development partner - history of investment in Meyra Group.



Income 2016:

281 mln PLN

Chairman of the Board:

Mariusz Smela

Year of investment:


Type of transaction:



Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Present status:

In the portfolio

MEDORT from a local company has become an important European player in the industry, realizing foreign acquisitions of competing companies. Avallon is a great partner for managers with ambitions not only to participate in the acquisition of the company, but also to develop it.

Michał Perner Vice-President of the Board

Since 2007, when Avallon fund invested in Medort S.A. (currently Meyra Group S.A.) by acquiring a majority stake, the capital group has increased its scale of operations and financial results tenfold. Over the years, the managers of Meyra Group implementing the strategy of growth through acquisitions, with the support of the Avallon Fund, have effectively implemented acquisitions of Polish and foreign companies, introducing the organization managed by them to the group of the largest international players in the industry. Today, Meyra is one of the 10 largest manufacturers of rehabilitation equipment in the world, and its products are present in over 70 countries.

Avallon added value

Strategic change in the business model - from a distribution company to a production and distribution company

Support in the identification, analysis and evaluation of acquisition targets

Transfer of know-how in the area of acquisitions, operational support in the area of acquisitions and integration of acquired entities

Ensuring financing for the adopted growth strategy through acquisitions

Optimization of the financing structure

CFO recruitment and support in top management recruitment in target companies

Support in the implementation of the management accounting and controlling system

Introduction of elements of corporate governance, transformation from a "family company" model to a corporate organization