We effectively build the value of the companies which we invest in

We have been involved in capital investments for 25 years. Avallon is an experienced pioneer of the management buyout market in Poland. To date, we have participated in over 100 transactions.

Our companies are the fruits of our labour

We buy companies when owners are for various reasons (strategic decisions, succession issues, funds for development) looking for an investor to buy the shares of their company. We have been doing this as Avallon for nearly 20 years, and as managers for 25 years.

We invest together with top managers. We effectively increase the value of companies by combining the ambition, professionalism and honesty of our managers with the experience, contacts and commitments of the Fund.

The pioneer of the management buyout market

Avallon is a pioneer of the management buyout market in Poland. Since its inception, we have participated in over 100 transactions of this type. Avallon MBO funds are the first of their kind in Central and Eastern Europe.

Leading Private Equity Fund

We deal with the management of funds, where the investors are national and international financial institutions. Most importantly, however, from the perspective of entrepreneurs and managers, investment decisions are made by us. The Investment Committee is composed exclusively of Avallon Partners. We are one of the most active funds in Poland.

We actively build the value of companies

Buying a company in itself does not increase its value. It is enhanced after the transaction. There are numerous examples we have worked on where the acquired companies have developed both organically and through acquisitions.

Operating philosophy

Investing with managers

We believe that thanks to the combination of Avallon’s experience, knowledge of the industry, and its knowledge gained in other transactions, Avallon is able to effectively compete with industry investors and nurture the growth of a company.

We have earned the trust of many managers and owners ,and have already participated in more than 100 buyouts. Experienced international investors have entrusted us with €316 million. Thanks to them we can carry out further transactions.
We do not believe that success can be achieved by shortcuts but rather with the support of hard work and knowledge. Business success should be achieved in an honest and ethical manner.

For most executives, the opportunity to move from managerial positions to co-ownership usually happens only once in a lifetime. Avallon looks for and supports managers with entrepreneurial skills who are not afraid to seize this opportunity and become 100% involved. Managers investing with us are partners, not hired employees.

Avallon History

  • 1993 – 2000

    • Team competence building
    • Investment and restructuring activities at PBG Bank S.A.
    • Management functions in enterprises
    • Management of investment funds
    • Private equity investment management
  • 2001 – 2006

    • Advisory activities
    • Specialization in MBO/LBO management buyout transactions
    • Avallon Sp. z o.o.
    • Leader of consulting on the MBO market
  • 2004 – 2007

    • National investors’ involvement in investments
    • Managers as co-owners of companies
    • Four successful capital investments
    • Avallon MBO Sp. z o.o.
  • 2007 – 2012

    • Avallon MBO Fund I
    • € 50 M
    • International investors
  • 2012 – 2019

    • Avallon MBO Fund II
    • € 109 M
    • Investments with managers
    • Domestic and international investors
  • 2019 – Now

    • Avallon MBO Fund III
    • € 137 M
    • Investments with managers
    • Domestic and international investors

Values close to us

We are an independent Polish company, where investment decisions are made by Avallon’s partners. Our investors have information rights, not decision-making rights. This is conducive to speed and efficiency in acquisition processes.
Market success must support knowledge. We acquire it through transactions. We observe best business practices through a network of 5000 managers and consulting companies.
Information about us, what we do, and the types of financing we work with is fully available to our business partners. We have been in the market for many years and have references from hundreds of people with whom we have completed transactions.
Avallon is the only organization in Poland which is an EPEC (European Private Equity Club) member, an organization that unites independent investment funds from different countries. It enables the expansion of the network and helps in the acquisition of portfolio companies.
At Avallon we do not close ourselves off to any possibilities or forms of cooperation. We are flexible. You will find a conversation partner in Avallon who guarantees full confidentiality.
We build partnership relations with a respect for the interests of all the participants in a transaction.
We are an active investor. We serve companies with our qualifications and create new business opportunities due to our network of contacts.

Attaining knowledge

Since 2001, we have participated in over 100 MBO transactions. We are a pioneer in this market in Poland. Since 1993 Avallon partners have been gaining experience in the area of capital investments. Each company is different and therefore each transaction looks different. Our team has worked with companies operating in a wide range of industries over the years. This knowledge is one of our most important assets.

We share our knowledge

Efficient execution of a capital transaction requires a lot of experience and knowledge. At Avallon, we are pleased to share it. We have organized an industry conference, “From Manager to Owner”, for many years . During the conference, potential buyout participants have a unique opportunity to have direct contact with participants of already completed transactions. Our experts also act as speakers at other industry conferences both in Poland and abroad.